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Ok, so you’ve got yourself listed at so many places, classifieds, B2B directories and you’ve even got PPC accounts that supplies leads to you. The leads land in your inbox or message box, you follow them up or distribute it to your against who follow it for a day and you either win or lose the deal and that ends the Chapter. But what if the lead had the potential of a huge business in future or may the lead could have given some references, the possibilities are endless and that’s what sales is all about, increasing opportunities. But yes, the thought of entering leads manually may make you think that it’s not worth while. With a few simple steps in Sales10x, you’ll keep getting just the leads without the pain of entering them manually. And yes, we also have a google spreadsheet plugin which can even get these leads right in your google sheets.

Auto Assign leads and enquiries to team

You can make all your leads captured through your mails to either go to Sales10x enquiries directly or you can choose to have it as a data list which can be either exported in excel in the next 10 days or it can be synced with your recipients list for campaigns. If you choose to have them in enquiries, you also have an option of assigning them to your team automatically. As soon as the enquiries land in your Sales10x account, they get assigned to agents who can then follow them up.

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Create one time or indefinite sequential campaign flows

Drip or sequential campaigns are the ones where the next actions/campaigns can be created as per the response to another campaign. These campaigns work like a chain and they can either scheduled for a specific time or triggered at an event. For example, you create a campaign for your customers who haven’t transacted with you in the last 3 months. You can have this campaign run every day or once or any interval of your choice. When the campaign runs, some of your customers may respond .Now you can create another sequential campaign that can use the responding customers list as its target recipient list and send SMS/Mails immediately after they respond or at any later time as decided by you. The results of this campaign can further be used in another campaign & so on. So, you are moving the customers a level up automatically & timely without the need of manually creating the lists.

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Track responses to campaigns

Each of your campaign creates a unique tracking short url leading to your landing pages which can be used the message text of the campaign. Any enquiry received through these urls is tracked. You can create multiple short urls each corresponding to a single campaign to uniquely recognize which campaign resulted in the customer’s interest. The results can be further used in the subsequent campaigns as the target list.

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Use Beautiful Drag & Drop mailers & landing pages

Creating beautiful mailers & landing pages is a breeze with Sales10x. Predefined templates can be used by simple switching images & text or new templates can be created by simple Drag & drop operations. Compose your mailers and landing pages using columns, text, videos, images or web forms. When your mail or landing page visitors fill out the web form of enquiry, it is automatically captured in Sales 10x enquiries. You can even set customized mail or SMS to the users filling out the enquiry form.

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Create & integrate custom web forms in mails or landing pages

There’s a lot of information that’s needed at every stage in a customer’s lifecycle. While expanding the sales list, you may require just the contact details but as the customers’ journey moves further, you may require his feedback on the products/services delivered or a rating of the customer support he received. This requirement varies from business to business and from time to time, a flexible web response form is just what you need to create your own customized response fields. These web forms are reusable and once you create them, you can use them in your landing pages or mailers. The responses to each form is saved in exportable form

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Use web hooks to call any custom function when users fill web forms

Web hooks allow you to perform any specific operation that you require. You may need the web form responses received through your mailers or landing pages to interact with your application or consume it any other way. The web forms created through Sales10x give you the ability to call custom web hooks using the response values received through any field of the web form.

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Create & Use Product catalogue

A small plug & play snippet is all you need to start selling online, Your beautiful eshop get ready within minutes without any technical know how. Not just that, you have the ability to create coupon codes & offer discount or free products or just anything you wish to offer and hey, did we mention that you can even create coupon as per customer behaviour & history or their total billing or the products they purchase.

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